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Friday, April 30, 2010

Middle School Exams mean fun for everyone

One of the most bittersweet times for an employee at Chungdahm Hagwon is extensions. Extensions are the time during which middle school students begin studying intensively for their midterm exams. As a result they are permitted to miss academy for 2 weeks (3 if it is their last year in middle school) to study. It always seems to fall at awkward times.

For example, once it fell two weeks into the term and then our kids returned and we had to rebond with them all over again. This time it falls perfectly so that many of our kids return right in time for level up exams (also known as iBT) better yet, this year exams falls during the week of children's day (coincidentally cinco de mayo as well). I have to work, blech, but you can check out the escapades of last year here. It's a wonder the kids even remotely like us at all.

So what did that mean for me. 2 weeks of half-days, followed by student level-up exam time. 1 or 2 more weeks when they still care, then I'm done. Gone till November (or well August in my case but bear with me... it doesn't go with the song)

So I had to make the most of it. Time line April 16-April 26, 2010. 10 days of insanity

Friday night, we got off at 7pm, so I went to beer o' clock with my coworkers. My name is on the wall for completing the shot list. Unfortunately I have no proof since that is the night I lost my camera. Also, this was the night that the coworker cliques came to light - an unimportant side story, I have placed that fact here solely for my memory many years down the line.

On Saturday, I went on another meetup with Seoulite, to Apgujeong. Here we eat at an all you can eat buffet called VIPS.
The food was ok, but there are much better buffets, as I will tell you later. Afterwards we went to Monkey Beach (read about my previous monkey beach expos ), then we went to itaewon and ended up in hongdae - Great night :)

My cute friends
I found my picture on the wall -Look momma I'm famous
And got to take a picture with my crush. He's security at Monkey Beach (no judging)
Then we we're out. Peace

I rested myself up because the next adventure on the horizon was Hweshik. I've explained hweshik before in detail here. And this time, we had even more to worry about because we found a place that served cheap meat. This meant more money for alcohol. Yikes. After that we heading to a soju cocktail bar called Onda, which has the most delicious cocktails, and the owner lived in NY for a few years so his English was great. This was Tuesday

Wednesday night was my friends birthday, so we went to On the border . Once a month they have an all you can eat and drink margarita or beer fiesta for W30,000. Yes you heard me - all you can drink MARGARITAS!!!. The only problem is that it lasts from 7-9pm only. I heard its only at the ones in Sinchon and Yeoungdeongpo, but you should contact them to confirm. The one at YDP is at this place called Time Square - be warned, it is hard to find from the station because there are many exits with the same name - look for the underground exits, and then you don't even have to go above ground. I didn't know this so I wandered around for 30 minutes and missed the freebies. However they were very nice and didn't even care that my friends were handing me food and drinks since I also ordered. They gave us the extras when it was over too.

Happy Birthday Boracay Buddy

Thursday night my coworkers and I headed to this restaurant called Ashley's at Gangbyeon - Technomart, on the 9th floor. Unlimited buffet and all you can drink wine - W23,000. Karamel I hear you say, why so many all-you-can-drinks? Answer - because I CAN :p. The food was good and the wine is unlimited. Only problem was they shut down at 10.

Friday Night I went with some of my friends to Oi Bar and Tin Pan in Hongdae. At this point all the alcohol that had accumlated over the weeks hit me hard, so when I had to teach on Saturday it was not pretty. I slept through Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday we had a steak night @ Sao Paulo in Hyehwa. It was Ok, you get a set menu and then afterwards you can order what you like. You are timed at 1.5hrs or something weird. Like I said, Ok, but not compared to Mercados. There is a reason its the best.

After that, the rascally rabbits were back (although I didn't teach 7-10pm until Friday). So the fun times were over. Now the countdown really begins until my trip.

Of course the lucky non-chungdahmers can check out these places anytime, and those of us not so lucky - well you can see why I overdid it. But I digress... what you really want is info on how to get to these places so...

More Information
Beer O Clock - Sinchon Station (Line 2):
VIPS - Apgujeong Station (Line 3, exit 3 - walk about 5 minutes, to your left)
Monkey Beach - From Apgujeong station ask for Galleria (15 minutes walk or take a cab)
Cheap Samgyeopsal-Nowon Station Line 1, behind the ddakgalbi restaurant
Onda - Also Nowon Station
On the Border, Yeongdeungpo Station (Line 1, Exit) -
Ashley's - Gangbyeon Station (Line 2), 9th floor, Technomart
Oi Bar - Hongdae near the University gate
Tin Pan - wander around, you'll find it on the main strip
Sao Paulo, Hyehwa (Line 4, exit 1 - across the street) -

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