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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ask Karamel - Now Answering Questions too

I probably should create another blog for this, but that's a little presumptuous to believe I will suddenly be inundated with unbelievable amounts. I am flattered that I even got one, question that is. I thought the answer may be helpful to someone who came across my blog (For personal reasons on why I chose Korea, read here ). Anyways this questions are more specific to the process of how to begin.

Without further ado, here are the questions

hi Karamel! thanks for the reply! well, i haven't done lots of research yet but i am definitely interested! i've been here in Shanghai for a couple of years and been teaching for the last one. are a few questions... -where is a good city to teach? -is it easy to find jobs in seoul? -is seoul expensive? the only thing i am worried about actually is that my passport is from Argentina. but i lived 11 years in the US plus spent 4 at an Int'l school. i've got a TEFL cert from a university here in china...but i hear it's tough if you are not american, UK, Aussie or others... Cheers M

And, my response

Dear M,
  • Depending on what you are looking for, there can be many different choices. For example if you need the hustle and bustle of the big city, and a place somewhat accustomed to foreigners, then Seoul or Busan is your best bet. Busan is by the beach too which some people like. Even within Seoul many different areas provide many different things, but you are well connected by subway to most of it.

  • The smaller cities I've heard has some positives, such as since no one goes there they tend to offer more pay, and some people are treated as a celebrity since they see few foreigners. But also for the last reason, some are mistreated.

  • It's ridiculously easy to find jobs in "Seoul" but be careful, some claim Seoul and are really in a suburb an hour away, so if you really want to be in Seoul make sure you aren't conned. but even in Seoul there are many schools to choose from.Seoul is much cheaper than say, Tokyo, and many other comparable cities, so it is easy to save a lot of money.

  • Yes, I've the passport may be a problem. I've heard of some smaller schools hiring, and I think it is silly because you are probably as or more adept at English than many of people with a certain passport, and certainly more qualified.

  • Still, it couldn't hurt to try. Look into it, and best of luck. Anymore questions, let me know.
p.s. check out they always have some good info

Wow. Me. An expert on a subject. Not! But I do like helping others, or pointing them in the right direction if I can, so if you ever have a question, drop me a line at


Bombchell said...

that's pretty informative, wow at some people trying to con based on location.

Karamel said...

Yeah, I almost got tricked into living outside Seoul. They said it was 40 mins away, but from the outskirts. I later found out Seoul is huge, I would have hated the 1.5 hour commutes...