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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Questions: More about how to start, best places to pick, etc

How to become to TEFL teacher in South Korea
I noticed you're teaching English in S. Korea. I'm interested in teaching abroad. I tried it once in S. America but the company wanted me to pay them a large initial fee and I thought it might be a scam. What company do you teach through and what qualifications are necessary to teach?
Are you enjoying your time there? I'll have to check out your blog to find out I guess. ;)
Thanks in advance for the insights.

Curious about South Korea

Another question

Hello. I saw you profile and that you currently work in South Korea. I wanted to know I have completed in Bachelors in Education and I seriously wanted to know how hard is the process to get a teacher certification to become a TEFL in Seoul South Korea. Do you enjoy it? It looks like so much fun. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your questions are pretty similar so I will answer them together. I love teaching here. You need no other qualifications than to be a college graduate holding a passport from USA, CANADA, UK, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand.
I teach for Chungdahm learning, but many people depending on what they want, may not want to work for them (they pay the best but they do everything really differently from many other schools including no holidays etc).

Most people want to go the public school route at least in the beginning. Public schools offer numerous vacations and I’ve heard it’s easy street. My public school teacher friends always have time to travel.

You can go through a recruiter or contact schools independently. The response about private schools, aka Hagwons (which I work for) varies widely from amazing to terrible, it depends on the owner since it is private.

Anyways that all I can think of, hope it helps, check out Dave's ESL for more info (


p.s. You'll notice I'm always plugging dave's esl cafe. Seriously. Use them. Awesome resource

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