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Saturday, February 13, 2010

South East Asia trip - Join me?

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This doesn't really have anything to do with Korea, but sometime in the summer I would like to take a "backpacking" trip across Southeast Asia. I will be taking a term break in the Summer term (which runs May 30 - August 29 I believe).

I'll probably go home first for 2 weeks, and then I want to spend 2 and a half months traipsing the continent. I already have a rough outline worked out in my head (yes, I know, I plan everything). I already bought a travel guide months ago, it's the Lonely Planet South East Asia on a shoestring book. It's been really helpful, I recommend it.

I love new foods and cultures, and SE Asia is dirt cheap. Plus after this trip the only other trips I have to plan are to Australia, China, and India,. And then that's it. I'd be done for this hemisphere. Oh and I want to go back to the Philippines.

These are the countries I plan to visit : Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia (Myanmar/Burma, Brunei and East Timor complete the SE Asia countries, but I am not really interested in visiting them). The way to do it is open. I'd probably start in Thailand, and work my way down to Bali (Indonesia). Then head back to Korea.

At the moment I heard Bangkok is the best to start because its the easiest place to get all the visas. I'll use bus, train, ferry and plane. There is one caveat, which could also be an advantage - It will be rainy season, so it will rain at times. However there are many benefits of this.

Dangers to worry about: Rip-offs, pick-pockets, getting soaked, insane drivers and malaria, but that's any developing country. Traveling alone seems not to be a major problem for females, though I'd prefer not to do it. You always meet people on the way. I'll just need a lot of common sense and good luck handy.

That being said : SOMEONE COME WITH ME!!! It will be more fun that way. SE Asia is dirt cheap, and we'll eat great food, see sights, buy cheap goodies, and... oooh it's everything I love about life. I'll do it with or without someone else, but two or more is much more fun. Let me know


Neal said...

Looks like a fun trip, wish I could do it too!

Karamel said...

You should, come with, come with :)

Stacy said...

Love your blog normie! You are doing way better than I am with mine he he! I would love to go with you if I could! Thailand is beautiful .. can't wait to go back! I can't wait to see your pictures! : )

Michelle said...

I LOVE planning everything too. Almost too much in fact. It's like a disease. I hope you have fun. I just got back from Thailand and loved it so much.