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Thursday, May 7, 2009

my cinco de mayo in korea

So this mexican restaurant in Seoul decided to host a cinco de mayo affair. Since Koreans have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is (In fairness most Americans only know it because as a day to drink tequila, margaritas and mexican beers such as coronas, dos equis and the like or think its Mexicos independence day, and we're right next to them tsk tsk. Its actually the day that Mexicon won an important battle (here for more) Anyways in Korea this was actually a holiday called Children's day which is celebrated in many asian countries (here) part of a series of holidays including Labor day and Buddha's birthday. In Japan they call it golden week.

Well we don't get most public holidays off. If the parents will send a kid to school we gotta teach them. Which sucked for most people but not me, cos I had the day off. So after a lazy Tuesday I headed down to meet my friends. The restaurant was called Tomatillo's. I have no idea about the food because I didn't have any (at least not that day; I have since been back and the food is good)

Anyways the line of waegukin (foreigners) was ridiculous. I'm talking out the door and down the street...I am sure everyone (Korean) was wondering what was actually going on here. I am an idiot so I stood in line for a while before realizing there was a separate drink line. I loaded up on the negro modelo's and joined my friends. We had an awesome time drinking and jamming to the live entertainment, but it did suck that they underestimated turn out and ran out of everything good. We had dinner at on the border (in Sinchon) instead and then returned for the live mariachi band. All in all it was a great day spent with awesome people...

I then ended the night with those peeps and met up with my coworkers to polish off a bottle of tequila. Surprisingly, steady drinking for 12 hours had less of an effect on me than chugging in 3 or 4... go figure

Here for more on tomatillo grill and on the border korea

I love these chicas :)
Matter of fact - here is a montage of some of the goodtimes shared so far :)

and cheers to many more...

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