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Monday, May 4, 2009

and trip to african cultural center..

I woke up after an insane Saturday night that included Itaewon and getting lost in Hongdae before partying in Hongdae, to an unusual email. Feeling flustered about it I decided I couldn't go back to sleep so instead I decided to head out on this trip that I had read about online on facebook.

It was a trip to the African Cultural center. We were supposed to meet in Uijeongbu which is a city outside of Seoul. From there we had to take a bus even further out, and get dropped off in the middle of nowhere, Pocheon in Gyeonggi-do province. And I was heading out to do this with a group of people I had never met... Oh the things we do abroad. Anyways I made it in time and we boarded the bus. I don't think this city was prepared for the number of brown people that strolled up in their town. Anyways we finally arrive in the middle of nowhere and I am wondering what I could have gotten myself into...

It was like a miracle oasis in the desert. The museum was immensely beautiful. We were immediately introduced to a sculptor (Edi) who was Zimbabwean . I told him I had once lived in his country, that was cool. Then we looked around. Sculptures from all around. It was so beautiful I will let pictures show you...

then we headed over to watch the African dance performance, the troupe, from Ivory Coast, was phenomenal. The high energy performance was amazing. I wish I had a video of the show. Then we got to meet the dance group...

After that, surprise surprise, We got to meet the owner. He is a phenomenal man who went to Africa and says it changed his life so he wanted to explore more of it. He ended up bringing back a lot over here. He invited us up to his office for iced tea and discussion and even though he doesn't speak much English we all shared mutual admiration for Africa.

Then we got to take a picture with him.

We felt like celebrities when all the Koreans kept staring, but then when some kids asked to take a picture with us, an another kids yelled Africans, we realized that maybe they just thought real life Africans came to town... that was hilarious. Here is more outside of the museum

I left promising to return and by one of Edi's sculptures before I leave Korea, and he helped me pick out an awesome souvenir. I fully hope that I can because I intend to keep my word.

Here is more on the owner Tae Cheon-man and the Museum
and for more pictures click here

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Bombchell said...

lol @ the kids that shouted, so special lol. then again depends on his age, I can see a little boy shouting "Chinese!!"