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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer 2010 Begins + World Cup Fever

So I haven't even left on my trip yet, and so far my summer has been amazing. We kicked off the summer on the last day of the term with some barbecue and a going away party for a bunch of us teachers at Monkey Beach. The bbq restaurant was funny because we made someone chug a bottle of soju, much to the applause of us and many random koreans, and then Monkey beach is always - Monkey beach. It was very hard to say goodbye to all the awesome people that I may never see again.
After that I've pretty much been hanging out with whoever, whenever I can. Some people I won't see again once I leave, and some people I will. It's gotten hot in Korea, so that's been exciting. I went on a bar crawl that was organized for my friend's birthday, and checked out some places for Margaritas, amazing drinks and tons of laughs.
But the thing I am most excited about, other than my trip, is world cup fever in korea. It's going to be nuts. Everyone has some kind of song, or commercial, t-shirts are everywhere, the people are pumped and ready to go. I cannot wait.

To start off the event I went to a pregaming party in Seoul.
Afterwards we hit the streets with the majority of the masses in Korea at City Hall to watch the game live at 8.30.

And then Korea won and the crowd went wild. The 7-11 handed out free goodies

Next was the Nigeria v. Argentina game, followed by USA v. England at 3.30 am. It was awesome. Sam Ryans was divided into americans vs. english and when we got that accidental goal with thanks to Green, all the Americans went wild... Afterwards, the English never recovered, so while we left chanting about how the US had won, every Brit left with the saddest look on their face...
I am looking forward to the amazing summer this is going to be. And as I am pretty sure this will be the last time I have for an update all summer

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