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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)

My school didn't really give a chuseok holiday because it fell on a Saturday. That had a lot of kids cranky and ruined any plans of taking any fun and exciting trips outside the country. Instead I planned to meet up with my girls a little bit later the next day. Unfortunately when I got off work that Friday, we went drinking so I was a little hung over the next day.

So, Chuseok is a very important Korean holiday that is considered similar to thanksgiving.

Anyways eventually around 2 I decided to leave. I headed down to Sangbong (Inner City Bus Terminal). I bought a ticket and caught the 3.30 bus to Gapyeong. I had no idea what to expect since once you leave Seoul the likelihood of finding English speakers is rarer. As we left Seoul into Gyeonggi-do the scenery was beautiful, but I was full of nerves throughout. At the first stop I showed my driver my ticket, and he said no, next stop, so i anxiously waited.

I got off and called my girl who had each of our taxi drivers speak. The guy headed up the mountain and at first I was nervous that he had no idea where he was heading. It was pricey but the location was pristine. The lake view was beautiful and the room was amazing. We met the owner and he was very nice. We had a BBQ on our porch and drank until morning, it was a girls getaway.

The next day the girls went water skiing. Seeing them learn from a man who spoke little English and we spoke little Korean was hilarious, but they quickly got it, then everyonewent fly fishing. I just rode in the boat since i had no desire to get into lake water (i'm a wuss). Then we had lunch and I headed back to Seoul. Literally a day vacation.

It was just the refreshing trip I needed to get a nice break from Seoul

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