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Sunday, December 28, 2008

How do you say sexy in European?


Ok, so I wish I could say the journey to Prague was uneventful. After reading my very captivating novel and having some yummy airline dinner of cabernet sauvignon and chicken, I got comfortable and then took a nap. And nap it was. I was awakened to the flight crew asking if there was a doctor on board the flight, specifically a cardiologist. Yikes. This can’t be good. About 20 minutes later they announce that we are going to make an emergency medical landing in Shannon, Ireland due to some lady having some heart issues. Uh-oh, this can’t be good. So we’re all hoping that she doesn’t die on board as we approach Ireland as fast as we can. Even if I wanted to I can’t make this stuff up. I swear my life plays out like a movie. I just want a normal everyday existence. The irony…

Anyways after arriving in Ireland paramedics rush on board they escort the lady and her husband off the flight. I hope she is ok… Then we are told we would not be able to continue our flight for 2.5 more hours because there were some issues going on over Germany. Germany. How did I end up flying in the opposite direction of where I was supposed to be headed in the first place? The only good thing about this is that the world is round, so I don’t have to fly across the US again to get to Seoul. Take that Columbus… or whoever said the world was flat. But then, good news, that restriction was lifted and we finally made it to Prague. I am sad because it’s kind of grey and cloudy but it is winter. I wish I could lie and say I saw all the sights. But my 10 hour layover was cut to 5. And for my flight I actually had to leave and go through customs and whatnot, and then check back in again. I witnessed a Ukrainian woman denied entrance because of her lack of a visa and again marveled at the gift of American citizenship… Americans who refuse to travel are just stupid, stupid creatures. Now if you can’t afford it that’s one thing, but to have the gift to visit almost every country on earth without hassle, and then never lever Alaska (ok ok so I jab at Sarah Palin).

I did get a stamp in my passport, so I have officially been to the Czech Republic. Obviously I will have to return at some other time to really soak in the city, but its all in line with the upcoming Euro tour that I have been planning for years now anyways. Backpacking across Europe. I wanted to do that after high school, of course the ‘rents refused unless I was accompanied, and not many of my friends are as adventurous as I. I also want to backpack across Australia, but I digress. So in the Prague airport they have these really cool girls who work here and Rollerblade on by and though everything is in Czech everyone speaks English (at least at the airport) which is pretty awesome. I’m dying to get some of the yummy goodies they have at McDonald’s here that’s not in America But I never got the Czech currency because the Atlanta airport didn’t have any (or won either for that matter). What’s up with that busiest airport in the world…I may have to get over that soon though, cos I have a hunger headache…

I need to inform all the people in Seoul I made plans with for Sunday that I won’t even be there, but I can’t get freaking Internet. So irritated…

I finally got my nuggets from Mickey D’s and even had someone speak Czech to me. They had these cool jalapeño poppers and burgers and stuff I was boring and went safe. But even the nuggets taste different. Healthier almost. Or maybe I am making this up Why are American McDonald's so boring??? It may be because I am at the airport but the only people of color I’ve seen are male, married to (or with) Czech women. Preparation for Korea I guess. So there can be no hateration if some female, aka me, decides she wants to bring home some Australian hunk ( I will explain my Australian fetish later)…

See this is the life I love. Travelling. Adventuring. Exploring. When you are brought up as a diplomats daughter what else would you love. So some Czech boy said I was sexy and we got to chat in French. I don't feel like I wasted a minor when I'm in Europe.... And I’ve already seen a cute Korean guy… Sweet.

I’ll keep you posted on leg three – Korea…. At last

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