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Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a long time

I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to... (Anybody remember that Aaliyah song?)

Anyways, so much has been going on, but that is no excuse. I have so many stories that I will have to go back and write about, but I wanted to say I am still alive. Here is a quick update to catch you up on things

1. Boozing: Who is Karamel w/o the booze?
Every other weekend I have been signed up trips that have included much boozing. You see it's spring time and so the weather is getting warm and I need to get out more.

Among these the most memorable were DJ Fest, Learning to make Makgeolli, and Gwangju (I promise to post more in detail about some of them)

I guess I was experiencing culture too... but more importantly... fun fun fun fun

Horse Racing


Oddly enough I drink much less than I used to, because of well... see #4

2. Training: I went to training to learn to train people how to teach and afterwards I started training people. It's ok, not that great because I have less patience with stupid adults than stupid kids but it worked

3. The usual: AKA teaching, chilling, planning my life, dreaming of trips.

4. Getting healthy: I began an intense program to get in shape for the summer... success!!! (more about that too in another post coming soon)

Summarized: I had to give up drinking for 2 weeks (ouch) but ever since I've done much less of it. I also gave up coffee (sub with tea), most fast foods and I no longer enjoy supper sweet things or large portions. Plus I am back to taekwondo and work out a lot more.

5. I bought an iPAD 2! I know, be jealous. It's so cool, but I totally didn't need it. Anyways, more fun :)


Bombchell said...

Lol my mum got the ipad 2 , my friend also got it, but i don't get it. apart from portability & using it on a treadmill I can see the benefit over a laptop.

you look great, looking forward to the update on that.

alexclermont said...

"I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to... (Anybody remember that Aaliyah song?)"

I think she got that line it from Rakim...

Glad your having fun. I envy your iPad 2 and would DEFINITELY have gotten one too - If I had money.

Keep getting healthy and I hope I don't have to wait till the next movie showing to bump into you here in SK.

Karamel said...

Haha bombchell I know, there is no real benefit. I just wanted one.

And thanks to both of you lovely ladies for the compliments

Seriously Miss purplerain, we've got to make sure that doesn't happen again