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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Come visit me in Korea

Here is your chance. One of my favorite websites ever - eat your kimchi, just announced a competition that they are helping to promote.

Basically to summarize - take an awesome photo/blog about Korean food, win a prize. Grand prize - flight to Korea, and the other prizes are not so bad either.

Here Simon explains it in much more detail

Korean Food Blogging Contest

And the website where its all going down is:

And if you haven't already, check out the other videos on the eat your kimchi website. Simon, Martina and Spudgy are awesome. I watched their videos on how to order McDonald's delivery and How to use a Korean washing machine my first few weeks in Korea. Plus their new Music Mondays feature is an awesome scientific fun analysis of Korean pop music/culture. I love them and really hope to meet them someday. Spudgy has a green mohawk. How cool is that? And I can only hope to be as famous as they are(in my dreams). Why didn't I think of a cool video blog? (I'd never have enough time)

It'll help immensely if you are just moving to Korea, or thinking about it, so check them out. They are also on facebook and youtube. And what better way to get a taste of life here than to try the food out, and then come visit?
SHAZAAM (you've gotta know to understand )

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Eat Your Kimchi said...

Thanks :D If you ever do see us in the streets, do say hello :D