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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All Hallows' Eve - Seoul Edition

I'd been excitedly planning for Halloween for over a month now. My costume idea all began when I was out with my friend in MyeongDong and I saw a bright pink wig. I just had to have it and before you knew it, the idea to be Jem was born. You know, a girl who's father died and left her a machine that made her into a singer - Jem and the holograms.

I was only 3 when this show ended I'm not sure why I remember it... I love 80's cartoons. Here is the theme song to jolt your memory/educate you

I figured the outfit would be pretty easy. In a country where Halloween is not really celebrated you learn to be even more creative. I know I would probably not find an equivalent of Jem's signature pink dress, but as Jem was a versatile young lady, any 80's outfit would do. But I had in mind that my outfit at least be pink and that I find red star earrings.

I found pink tights and a pink tank easily enough in Myeongdong. I knew pink heels were out of the question. After scouring I found the right black skirt and star earrings in Nowon. On a mission to the Changsin-dong toy store street in dongdaemun (Map Below)

I found the perfect gloves that I needed to modify by cropping off the fingers, I also found a pen I could paint into a microphone...Lastly I found the bangles in another part of Dongdaemun. The outfit was complete.

The weekend before Halloween was awesome. I was actually in Hong Kong, and they actually celebrate it, so everywhere was ghoulishly festive. I went to a haunted house in Disneyland Hong Kong which was sweet. When I got back my school didnt even let us acknowledge Halloween and i felt sad

Saturday dawned cold and rainy but nothing could stop the waegookin(foreigners) who had determined to party all night long. I assembled my outfit and headed out to meet coworkers. Since I live a bit far out I got stares all the way down to Itaewon (the foreigner district)

but once I got there, I was right at home. Every one went wild and was so creative.

pumpkin couple

the watchmen

god and a panda

Jem, God, Panda, Marge Simpson, Sailor

Just a few samples
After Itaewon I went to Hongdae



party over there..

and then rode the train home, so yes Halloween was great a success. All in all, I hit up 5 different locations that night. So don't believe that you can't find a place to celebrate- head to Itaewon and Hongdae. Be as wacky as you want to be with your costumes... and let the revelry begin...


Phoenixstorm said...

Haha! You're costume rocked! Iloved Jem! You just needed your back up holograms to make it even more stellar!

Karamel said...

Thanks. Another year I'll have to get people on board to be the holograms :)