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Monday, October 3, 2011

Back in Korea, and busy as a bee

I just got back to Korea last week, and life is fun as usual. America was a blast. I made sure to visit a Korea-town in every city I went to. I had $8 ddukbokki in NYC, and saw $10 soju in LA. Scary stuff. As usual since this is a Korea blog I wont write much about the US, but it was fun.

Ddukbokki in NYC
$10 soju
The day after I arrived I took my placement test at Yonsei University to begin studying Korean.
I had just gotten back and remembered no Korean mind you, but happily, I was placed into level 2. Seems about right. If I had pushed a bit more it might have been level 3 but I would have severe gaps in my grammar knowledge. Well, the bad news is the closest stop to Yonsei is Sinchon, and I live in Nowon. That's about an hr and a half commute. Because from Sinchon station its still about a 20 minute walk, or I could take a bus. Either way- Horrible.